Assistance to other company in the software certification

ABRIS JSC has extensive experience for SW certification in AR IAC, EASA and FAA and can perform following tasks:

  • certification training activities to build SW;
  • production certification processes of SW development;
  • preparation a draft of SW certification documents;
  • conducting preliminary (training) audits of SW development processes


  • Assistance to JSC «Firma «NITA» in the preparation of certification documentation for SW of radio board "Pulsar", which consisted of:
  • in sample preparation certification documentation;
  • to perform a preliminary audit executed certification documentation;
  • in the elimination of the experts' comments on the results of AR IAC certification audit.
  • Assistance to JSC "ANPP "TEMP-AVIA" produced certification process of building SW products for the ISRP-26T unit, which consisted of:
  • in the preparing of plans of certification activities;
  • in the preparing of drafts company standards for SW building;
  • in the conducting preliminary (training) audits of SW certification documents;
  • in the preparation of documents for SW module testing (testing low level requirements)

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