APU engine monitoring and diagnostics units

AIR1-1       Recording interface adapter for APU TA-12 (TA-12-60)


Interface support for being APU monitoring system (AB-14) with on-board aircraft avionics.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Receiving of 4 discrete signals from APU detectors and aircraft
  • Receiving of information about APU operation parameters from AB-14 system in the ARINC-429 code form
  • Processing of received information according to special algorithms and information output in KISS and MSRP in ARINC-429 code form
  • Storage of information about APU starting and shutdown parameters in the embedded nonvolatile memory till on-board systems switching-in

Application in the aircrafts:

  • Tupolev - 334
  • Tupolev - 204
  • Tupolev - 214
AIR1-1 Recording interface adapter for APU TA-12

AIR2-1       APU monitoring and diagnostics unit TA-12 (TA-12-60)


AIR2-1 substitutes for pre-existing APU monitoring system (AB-14) and AIR1-1. It is intended for measuring of the APU basic parameters and also for monitoring and diagnostics of the APU technical state.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Receiving and measuring of 3 analog parameters from sensors, installed in the engine
  • Receiving up to 40 discrete signals of different type
  • Receiving of 2 ARINC-429 coded channels of the low speed
  • Outputting of 11 discrete signals
  • Outputting of 2 independent ARINC-429 coded channels
  • Processing of more than 15 monitoring and diagnostics algorithms, including APU life counting

Since 2008 units are applied in the following aircrafts:

  • Tupolev - 334
  • Tupolev - 204
  • Tupolev - 214
AIR2-1 APU monitoring and diagnostics unit TA-12

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