APU life counter

SPN1-1        Counter of the APU life parameters TA-8, TA-6A, TA-12


Counting of APU life parameters for the purpose of remaining life resource monitoring.

Main technical characteristics:

Addition and registration in the nonvolatile memory, which is built in the counter, of the following life parameters:

  • total life time;
  • number of start/stop cycles.

Power of the counter is realized from the switch signal of fuel supply electromagnet, which is in its turn powered from the direct-current power supply with nominal voltage 27V (rectifying installations) or from the accumulator battery with voltage 24V.

Application in the aircrafts:

  • Tupolev - 334
  • Tupolev - 204
  • Tupolev - 214
  • Beriev - 200
SPN1-1 Counter of the APU life parameters TA-8 TA-6A TA-12

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