Analyzer of digital ARINC-429 channels


Analyzer of digital ARINC-429 channels is a hardware-software device for monitoring and processing of information received by ARINC-429 channels and is designed to:

  • receiving and record of information over 4 ARINC-429 channels on a hard disk of notebook
  • monitoring during receiving or already recorded information in graphic and digital kind
  • transmission of the test streams prepared on notebook over two ARINC-429 channels
Analyzer of digital ARINC-429 channels

Main technical characteristics:

  • PC card under PCMCIA or ExpressCard standard over 4 input channels and 2 output channels is used for interface with the ARINC-429 channels
  • provides record of all labels on a hard disk of the notebook from all input ARINC-429 channels within not less than 6 hours
  • provides display in the digital form (as the table) with all or specially chosen (filtered) information
  • provides display in the graphic form up to 8 parameters and up to 8 discrete signals


  • JSC "Aviastar-SP"
  • Avionics design companies

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