March, 3 2009

Signing of contracts with public corporation "" for development of monitoring and fire protection equipment of the aircraft Tu204 SM.

In 2008 joint-stock company "ABRIS" and public corporation "" signed the contract for development, execution of qualification works, delivery on prototype aircrafts and approval of the following equipment for the aircraft Tu-204 SM:

- monitoring units of the power-plant with engine PS-90A2 (generic engine monitoring unit GEMU122-5 and standby engine indicator with color display IRD3-X);

- APU monitoring and diagnostics unit with engine TA18-200 (AIR3-1);

- diagnostics and maintenance service system of the power-plant (diagnostics and maintenance service unit BDTO1-1 and maintenance service terminal TTO1-1);

- fire alarm system for aircraft Tu-204SM;

- fire extinguishing system for aircraft Tu-204SM.

The aircraft Tu-204SM is a vast modification of the serial production aircraft Tu-204-100 (300).

The above-listed works are carried out according to the federal goal-oriented program Development of Russian civil aeronautical engineering for 2002-2010 and for the period till 2015.

Lead Time

                    Deliveries of the first prototypes: December, 2009

         Termination of qualification works and receiving of approval: November, 2010




31st of March 2004

Signing the contract with Public Stock Company "TUPOLEV" for development of the interface recording adapter.

In March 2004 Joint Stock Company "ABRIS" and Public Stock Company "TUPOLEV" have signed contract for development, delivery and carrying out of qualifying works for the interface adapter of AB-14 (AB-14M, AB-14ME) complex of APU of TA - 12 (TA - 12-60) type with onboard flight recording system of the flight information of MSRP-A type for aircrafts of TUPOLEV's development.


Interface recording adapter (further - AIR1-1) provides recording of information about APU's parameters from its start up to stop in onboard flight recording system MSRP-A type.

Main Technical Characteristics

AIR1-1 provides execution of the following functions:

                    Receiving of the information about APU's parameters on the ground and during flight from AB-14 complex in code form with the characteristics according to ARINC-429 and transmission speed 50 Kbit/s and in discrete form +27V/open;

                    Recording and saving information in the built-in to AIR1-1 EEPROM about APU's parameters during its start;

                    Transmission of the information about APU's parameters in the flight recorder system (including saved in AIR1-1 during start of APU) in code form with the characteristics according to ARINC-429 with speed 12-14,5 Kbit/s and data updating frequency 4 Hz;

                    Monitoring of the AIR1-1 working-capacity and validity of received from AB-14 information of built-in test (BITE) with the transmission of monitoring results to flight recorder system.


Development Schedule

                    Delivery of the first prototype: July 2004

                    Completion of the qualifying works: December 2004

First Application

Tupolev-204-300 with TA-12 APU